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Sim Survivor Season 2 Black island: Episode 5

Last time on Sim Survivor,

Rhyvella could not get their act together and lost another challenge.

Tensions flared and fingers were pointed at Malik.

But Malik used Neonina to "befriend" Mint and Kaplan to keep their votes from being for Malik.

When Neonina knew all along that they were not really friends.

and at tribal council an alliance was divided and Jack was sent home.

leaving some tribemates confused and angry.

Will all the rips and tears in Rhyvellas' tribe expand and continue to take over this team until there is one sim left? Or can Rhyvella overcome their differences and finally win another challenge against Iossisbi?

Malik McFool by 13cek, Kaplan Booth by itsgrim, Neonina Colourful by jps0228, Tazyeko Satacho by 13cek and Mint Choco-Chip by Cassii.

Keindra Hickman by mangakagirl, Katie Hart by pocodez, Maria by Skip45, Izzy Love by LuvDyrdek, Thorton Wheeler by ncisGibbs02, Logan McAllister trancerocker08 and Timothy Bayne by rockbelly929.

Rhyvella night 7-
Kaplans thoughts: I cannot believe it, it was all just a set up to mess up our alliance.

and i believed Malik!

Mints thoughts: I dont know how much longer i can make it, My best friend is now gone due to my other.... or Ex-friend now. I hate Neonina, why? Ugh, why did i believe her? Now Jacks gone. I have to stay strong, i will beat Neonina!

Mint: "Its my fault Tazyeko, i believed Neonina!!!"

Tazyeko:"No, not youa faurt! We can stirr beat Marik and Neonina!

Mint:"You know what Tazyeko? Thats all i needed to hear, thanks Tazyeko, we will beat them, through revenge!"

Tazyeko:"Just know dis Mint, when you take a path lead by revenge, start by digging two graves, won for yoa enemy, and won foa yourself! Oh, here comes Kaplan!"

Kaplan: "I did it, i voted for Jack, Malik erm... told me too, and i did it, i feel.... weird."

Tazyeko:"Oh you too feel guilty, just like Mint who voted for you, she feels sorry too, but we gotta work togetta and overthorw Marik and Neonina, what doya say Kaplan? Will you work wif Mint and I?

Kaplan:"Er, yeeesh?"

Tazyeko:"Then its a deal!"

Mint:"Thanks again, Tazyeko, you really reassured me, we can still make it to the end."
Tazyeko:"Notda probrem!"

Iossisbi Day 8-

Izzy:"C'mon Maria, lets go garden.... i just really got to talk to you... away from camp."

Maria: *whispers*"ok Izzy lets go..."

Katie:"Whered they go?"

Keindra:"Gardening. They went to pick some more food. Are you listening?"

Katie:"Huh? o yeh, well we gotta get rid of them, they did try to get rid of us before."

Keindra:"yes Katie we already talked about this."

Katie:"i know but now that theyre gone we need to convince all the guys, i mean they voted for Izzy, so maybe they can do it again."

Keindra:"thats not!,.. a terribly bad idea.."

Logan:"So Tim, why are you working with Katie anyway? shes kinda.... right here right now?"

Katie:"hey guys i just had an idea, you tryed to get rid of Izzy last time right? Yeah, so if we end up going to tribal again, why dont you just vote for her again."


Katie:"okay cool, talk to you guys later."

Logan mumbles: "shes just trying to save her own ass."

Keindra:"So did you talk to the guys?"

Katie:"Yeah they were all over me, they'll listen to anything i say!"

Keindra:"Thats good to hear. Were just moving closer and closer to the million arent we?"

Izzy:"Hey were back from gardening. Man we were gone awhile werent we?"

Rhyvella day 9-
Tazyeko: "Mint you rearry need to stop worring, we wirr work with Kapran. Wonda where he is?"

Mint:"Did you hear that?"
Tazyeko:"Hear what? I sorry I loose hearing 'while ago. What did you hear?"
Mint:"It sounded like a lawnmower running over a garden gnome."
Tazyeko:"A whaaaa? Well dont mind it we gotta get going to da charenge right now."
Challenge 5: Jumpathon-
Contestants will simply jump on trampolines until they fall or step off. Last sim left wins for their team. Winner gets to pick two items as a reward. Because Iossisbi has 2 extra teamates they will sit 2 teamates out of this challenge, however they can still watch.

Katie and Keindra sit out for Iossisbi, but Katie wants to go and watch.

Let the challenge begin!
After 2 minutes, Tazyeko falls off.

And after 4, Izzy steps down.
Izzy:"I just cant really jump in these heels!"
This leaves Malik, Neonina, Mint, and Kaplan competing in Rhyvella and Thorton, Maria, Tim, and Logan competing for Iossisbi.
Malik starts doing flips.

Katies thoughts: Oh Malik do some more flips for me.
Tired after half an hour, Neonina steps off her trampoline.

Shortly followed by Thorton, Mint and Maria.

Now only Tim and Logan are jumping for Iossisbi

and Kaplan and Malik Jumping for Rhyvella.

Then after 3 hours of non-stop jumping, Malik and Logan both step down. Now just Tim and Kaplan are left. This might be awhile.

after 1 more hour Kaplan is caught off gaurd and falls hard right off the trampoline.

Tim wins for Iossisbi!
Tim:"HOORAY!! Wait, do I have to stop jumping?"
Iossisbi Night 9-
Logan:"Hey guys I just left, Its all up to Tim now, but when i got down, so did Malik, So all Tim has to do is bet the green dude! Oh HEY HeRE He COMes!"
Katie:"Great job Tim!, Um But what did you pick as a prize?"
Tim:"Well I got to pick to and I obviosly picked a toilet-"
Tim: "aand, since i loved that trampoline so much, i picked one for our camp!"
Katie:"Wow, Tim."

Rhyvella: early on Day 10

Neoninas thoughts: We lost to Iossisbi again! Now were gonna loose someone else on our team.

Maliks thoughts: I dont know what im gonna do, this challenge just seemed to easy, i thought for sure we'd win. I dont think i can pull out anymore tricks, this might be my last night. Unless.... well maybe i can just talk to Kaplan..... where is he?
Tazyeko: "Ow many moore times am i gonna hav to remind youa, we are safe, it will be Malik today."
Mint: "Yes Tazyeko, i trust you but if Kaplan isnt even here, how can I trust him?"
Tazyeko:"Aright den Mint, i wir go find him and make sure hes wif us ok?"
minutes later...
Tazyeko:"I courdnt find him."
Where Kaplans been:
Kaplam:"I dont know what to tell you other than I need more time!"
?:"Well I dont knw what to tell YOU! We gave you normal clothes, normal hair and a normal voice, and now you need more time? The boss will not be happy."
"You got one more day."
Kaplan:"Perfect thats all I need!"
Kaplan:"Listen, its gonna happen this time later, when ites this dark, go to a place only lit by fire."

Kaplan:"That place over your shoulder! We will rendezvous over there for a little and then we will leave but one person will stay there. You can have that person, okay?"
?:"Sounds good to me."

Kaplan: Ok I need to get back home, im sure my 'friends' are suspicious"
?: "Ok, bye, my brother!"

6:00 a.m. Rhyvella
Tazyeko: "See Mint i tord you I would find Kapran, he was over in da garden picking vegtables."
Mint:"Ok, whatever, Kaplan, we are voteing for Malik tonight, DO NOT, change your vote ok?
Tazyeko:"Good, we won big happy famiry!"
Neonina:" So Mint, we are voting off Tazyeko tongiht right?"
Mint:"Yeah, deffinatly Neonina! I trust you!"
Mints thoughts: Stupid girl, whose name sounds like a crayon. I DO NOT trust her. Not after what she did to me! Sorry Neonina, but this is purely your revenge!

Malik:"So whats up?"
Neonina: "I cant believe it, I did it. I just realized that with Jack gone, Mints only chance of staying is to stick with me. She has to stick with us if she wans to make it far, so shes going to turn on her own alliance and vote off Tazyeko tonight! HAH!"
Malik:"Wow, great job Neonina, I did not think of it that way. So tonight Tazyeko is gone?"
Malik:"Yes, Ive been waiting for this for a long time!"
Rhyvellas Fourth Tribal council:

Tazyeko, Kaplan and Mint all vote for Malik.
Neonina and Malik both vote for Tazyeko.

And with the votes 2 Tazyeko and 3 Malik, Malik is voted out.
Maliks thoughts: Damn, i shoulve known it was gonna be me soon.

Malik:"Well i guess i better go..."
Kaplans brother:"Mmmmmmm! Yummy!"

With 11 sims left, what will happen next time on Sim Survivor?

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