Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sim Survivor Episode 10

Last time on Sim Survivor...

Keindra won the challenge.

And while Keindra made plans with her new friend, Neonina,

Keindras old friend Katie tried to allign herself with Neoninas last enemy, Tazyeko.

But Keindra and Kaie made up from an old fight.

And Katie worked with her old alliance to vote out Tazyeko.

6 Sims are left: Tim Bayne by rockbelly929, Logan McAllister by trancerrocker08, Thorton Wheeler by ncisGibbs02, Katie Hart by pocodez, Keindra Hickman by mangakagirl and Neonina Colourful by jps0228.
Which of these 6 will outwit, outplay and outlast the rest and become the winner of Sim Survivor 2?

Rhyossisbi night 20:

Logans thoughts: and then there were 6. I really didnt want to vote out Tazyeko but thats the conclusion my alliance came to. Now its gonna be hard to get rid of one of those girls.

Neoninas thoughts: This has to be the best day so far. I am so super excited! I feel like for the past 20 days I have been robbed of this game. Cindy Crawford and Alex Greenwall who werer both in my original alliance were voted off right from the beginning. Then Malik was voted off. But i worked hard and look where i got. I helped get rid of Dyllan, Mint, Kaplan and now Tazyeko. I am now the last and very proud Rhyvella standing.

Rhyossisbi Day 21:
Tim: "It was so weird, today I woke up and scrathed my face and I realized I HAD A BEARD!! So how good does it look america? I think I should go wash it..."

Tim: "'Cause your hot and your cold, your yes and your no! Your in and your out, your up and your down!"

Logan :I dont know if its island fever or what but

Katie, whose right behind me, is looking really hot today."

Keindra: "So Katie I was thinking, I think it would be in our best interest to vote out either Logan or Thorton next.

Katie: "Well Thorton!
It should be thorton.
He is too good."

Challenge 10:


In this challenge there is a 6 person bracket.Suns will play against another sim, if they win, they move up in the bracket and play the next winner. Because there will be 3 winners in round 1 the first person to win, will get an automatic move to the final round. Instaed he/she gets to watch the other 2 sims play.
First round Keindra vs. Katie.

Tim vs. Thorton

Keindra thows: "WAIT, whered it go?" Clunk, (it hits her on the head.)

In her first round Katie is able to knock 3 of Keinras over. Meanwhile Keindra only got 2.

Logan also scores 3 on his first round.

Logans opponent Neonina, only gets 2.

Thorton gets 1 of Tims but Tim doesnt get any on his first round.

On her second round, Neonina scores all 3 points and has knocked down all of Logans idols, she just needs the one in the middle.

Neonina: "ha,hah,hah pack your bags Logan..."

On her second round, Katie is also able to knock down the last of Keindrasl idols.

Halfway through round 2, Logan knocks down the last 2 of Neoninas idols, but he still has one stick left that he can use to throw at the king.

And he does it! He knocks over the king idol. He not only won but because he won first he skips the next round and is immeidatly placed in the finals.

Logan: "Yes! I've never won a challenge!"

Neonina lost so she goes back to camp.

Thorton is the second to conquer his opponenet Tim.

Tim goes back to camp.

Katie is able to beat Keindra. Katie wins and Keindra goes back to camp.

Logan: "I am glad to have won. I move to the fianl round of the challenge and I get to watch Katie vs Thorton.

After only 2 rounds, Kaite knocked over all 5 of Thortons idols.

On his turn, he matches Katie and knocks over her 5 idols.

But Kaite is the first to get a shot at the king and she hits him. KAtie won round 2, Thorton goes home and Katie plays Logan.

After 2 rounds in game 3, Logan has got all of Katies idols.

And after 2 rounds Katie has only gotten 2?

Logan nails the king on his first try and wins the challenge!

Logan: "WOO HOO, Im going to Disneywolrd! I have never been able to say that but I am so glad I just did."

Katies thoughts: I hope he doesnt know that I let him win. I had too, Keindra would overthrow my ruling to vote out Thorton and it wouldve been Logan if he didnt win.

Logan: "I am so excited that I won, now who am I not going to take with me to the final 5? I would discuss this with Thorton but hes kinda passed out"

Rhyossisbi Day 22-

Tim: "But red is the color of love and that makes red the best color."

Keindra: "Well I've never thought of that. I've always have considered black the best color because its absourbs all the other colors of light."

Keindra: "I like Tim, he is like the one cool person left in this game. Hes not scheming or anything. I wouldnt mind taking him to the end with me either."

Keindra: "Ooh, shiny!"

Keindra: "alright girls this is how it is. Tonight were voting off Thorton. We cannot get rid of Logan because he won in the challenge yesterday."

Neonina: "All thanks to you Katie, now we cant vote him off"

Kaite: "Ugh, you are such a b*tch and you dont even realize. No tonight we are voting out Tim!
Listen to me Keindra, I have gottern your crap this whole game. You and me have made big moves but they were all on you. Now its gonna be on me. We are voting out Tim and thats that!"

akward silence.

Keindra: "Are you ever going to learn? You cannot continuosly put her down. She is in this by herself and she wont be afraid to go against us."

Katie: "No she is afraid. She is afraid of me. She will vote out Tim tonight because she'll be afriad I will vote her out next if she doesnt. Shes really afraid, and I am glad."

Keindra: "I dont think I can work with you anymore."

Katie: 'Arg, you dont understand! You have to work with me or else those boys wil pick us apart. Tomorrow we start by taking out Tim."

Neonina: "I dont think I can work with Katie. Shes psycho! I cant trust her. Se remind me of Mint and she really has to go. I wonder if I can persuade Keindra to vote her off."

Logan: "Oh hey Kaite... Whats up?"

Katie: "I dont know. I think i'm going to cry.."

Logan: "Well whats wrong?"

Katie: " Oh where do I even start. Well my old friend Keindra is now working with my new enemy Neonina. Keindra will take her to the end over me, I just know it. And dont know who to trust or where to go. And all the while I realizedI just voted off the wrong person, Tazyeko."
Logan: "You didnt want to vote off Tazyeko, me either! I only did because my allys told me to."

Katie: "Well its not like it matters anymo-"

Logan: "Didnt you tell me you'd work with me afew days ago, why havent you talked to me since?"

Katie: "I.. I.. Keindra made up with me and I figured it was too late now to make a big move."

Logan: "Its never too late for big moves"

Katie: "So what are your plans for tonight?"

Logan: "Im not sure, i gotta see what my allys are gonna do."

Katie: "Were voting off Tim."

Logan: "Any chance you still want to go against Keindra?"

Katie: "I really do, but it uh cant be tomorrow. It has to be next. Neonina, and Keindra need to think that I am still with them tomorrow night."

Logan: "So..."

Katie: "So im saying 3 people will vote Tim, so you can go against us and force a tie or you can just vote for Tim and prove your loyalty."
Logan: "..."

Logan: "Im really hungry...."

Kaite: "Here, eat a tomato."

Logan: "Th-Thanks"

Katie: "Your welcome. Logan just think about it, do you really like Tim. Would you rather take him to the finals or your frined Thorton? If you have to screw Tim over, the sooner the better."

Logan: "Shes so good. Shes so good with words and... and so good to me and so good-looking. She has a point though, I'm gonna have to think about it."

Katie: "Ew, I look worse than Tim and his new beard. I dont think I am tricking Logan, I am actually serious, my allaince with Keindra has been destroyed so I'm gonna have to move and try and work with Logan"

Rhyossisbi Night 22-

Thorton: "Well I just see it best to vote out Katie. If she were to win you know she'd blow it on fancy cars and makeup and clothes."

Tim: "Yeah and she smells. Oh and she started to jump on my trampoline with her heels and she ripped a hole! That jerk!"

Logan: "You guys dont ask me what I think. I think we should vote for Keindra. I mean, if we want to mess Katie up, why not vote off her ally."

Thorton: "If I didnt know any better,I'd think someone is trying to save their love! I've seen the way you and Katie have been eyeballin each other up. Your love is stronger that the love my character 'Romario's love for pizza in my 4 star movie 'The Pizza Theif""

Logan: "Well you guys should just sleep on it. Keindra is strong and Katie isnt. And I listened to you last time in voting off Taz. Just sleep on it."

Tim: "I dont want to vote out . She reminds me alot of well... my mom. Shes smart and sassy and black. Just like my mom. I dont wannt vote out my mom!"

Tim: "Its just so hard. I am so close to the end. I guess I have to start making tough decisions, sniff sniff"

Logan: "He-Hey Katie!"

Katie: "Did ya talk to your friends?"

Logan: "Yeah and they werent to set on voting for Keindra but I think I convinced them."

Katie: "And what about you, you voting for Tim?"

Logan: "I...I think I am.."

Katie: "Awesome, after hes gone, we can definatly take over the game. You me and even Thorton, we can go to the final 3!"

Logan: "So we can go to the end? You and me?"

Katie: "Of course!......"

Katie: "I dont know if I saw it in his eyes or his face, but I saw something really cool and sweet and sexy in Logan and I really liked it!"

Logan: "It must be the sea breaze or the moonlight but whatever it is, I wish I had it forever, I love that feeling I get around her."

Day 23:

Tim: "So in all of these movie of yours, do any of your charcters ever sing?"

Thorton: "Yeah, I once was a charcter named Nick Notes. He was a blind singer. It was a dramatic tale of love and music. It was a fun movie!"

Tim: "Cool! After this game you should call me up. Id love to make a musical with you. Im a great shower singer!"

Keindra: "Quick, here comes Katie. I just wanted to tell you that after tonights vote, I will not work with Katie. She is gonna think shes all good for getting rid of Tim well thats not how its gonna work. Screw Katie! If you want he out next than good! Id love to see her face when shes voted out!"

Neonina: "I dont think screwing her over so soon will be any help to either of u-"

Keindra: "No SHe is gonna be next and thats-"

Keindra: "HI Katie.."

Katie: "Hi Neonina, listen I just wanted to apologize for lashing out. I dont think I have given you one fair chance yet and I am sorry. We still getting rid of Tim tonight? Good! IM sorry Neonina, I hope you forgive me bye!"

Neonina: "See, she isnt so ba-"
Keindra: "Dont tell me you bought that bull! I dont know how narrow minded you must be! She is a snake! Shes takign advantage of ya! She didnt even acknoweldge me."
Neonina: "Keindra, I think you are loosing your mind, she isnt so bad, she has jus thad some bad days thats all!"

Thorton: "To all the fans "Thorton Wheeler is an excellent cook!" Are there any women that need a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? If so... CALL ME!"

Tim: "Alright, I'll do it. I will vote Keindra tonight."
Logan: "Well thanks Tim I appr-"
Tim: *sniff sniff*" It takes alot from me to have to vovote her out. Its a good thing that I trust you!"

Logan: "Gah, I really feel like such and A hole. To vote out a friend that ive had since the start for this girl. I dont know if I can do it. For 1 million dollars I might have to crush this girl."
Thorton: "Lunch is READY!!"

Logan: "So were all clear on this plan. Us three vote for Keindra. Keindra and Neonina vote for Tim and-"
Tim: "WAit a sec, theyre voting for me?"
Logan: "Yes but its okay Tim ive gotten Katie to go against Keindra, she'll be the one going home tonight. Then we knock out Neonina and then Katie and bam we're in the final 3!"
Thorton: "Sounds good to me!"

Tim: "No, not good. Are you sure Katie is voting for Keindra? They're best friends, are you sure shes not lying to you?"
Logan: "P-positive!"
Tim: "And if she is, then Im going home!?"
Logan: "No, it would be a tie, but you have nothing to worr-"
Tim: "I cant beat her in a tie!"
Logan: "You wont have to! Tim, you are not going home..."

Logan: "Oh Gawd, What am I gonna do?"

Tim: "Wee, gotta enjoy this, it...could be my last time!"

Tribal Council:

The jury: Izzy Love, Mint Choco-Chip, still no Kaplan, and Tazyeko Satacho who was voted out at the last tribal council.

Keindra and Katie vote for Tim.

Neonina votes for Tim.

And even Logan votes for Tim.

Thorton and Tim vote for Keindra. But with the votes 4 Tim to 2 Keindra, Tim has been voted out.

Logans thoughts: Jesus, Thorton is going to kill me.
Tim: Well I dont know how i was voted out. Good Luck to the rest...
Only 5 Sims are left. Which one will be the winner of Sim Survivor Season 2?

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