Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sim Survivor 2 Episode 1:

Lets meet the sims who are willing to battle out to etremes on this island journey for 30 days.

Rhyvella Tribe:

Neonia Colorful from jps0228: Fresh graduate from high school, Neon is taking this challenge in hope of winnig some extra cash.

Jack Dyllan from lahadarenia: "i needed the extra money, i think i can do it!"

Cindy Crawford from mandylou95: Playing the game for her childern, single mom.

Mint Choco-chip from Cassii: "im a likeable person, this game was meant for me!"

Alex Greenwall from simsfreak711: Shes just a smalltown girl trying to win some cash.

Malik McFool from 13cek: Desperatly needs money

Kaplan Booth from itsgrim: Reason to play= unknown.

Tazyeko Satacho from 13cek: "i great in Japn, i greater on island!"

Iossisbi Tribe:

Ernie Baatma from bozmosha: Good outdoorsman, belives he will win.

Izzy Love from LuvDrydek: "Im always up for a challenge!"

Maria from
Skip45: always lookin for love. ready for a challenge.

Tim Bayne from rockbelly929: college student, who would like 1 million...

Thorton Wheeler from ncisgibbs: needed his big break for Hollywood, maybe this is it?

Keindra Hickman from mangakagirl: Multiple game show contestan, she has enought desire to do whatever it takes to win this one.

Logan McAllister from trancerrocker08: Pretty boy who thinks he has what it takes to win.

and Katie Hart from pocodez: Snooty girl always keeping her eyes on the prize.. THE MONEY!!

Who is most cunning to outwit, outplay and outlast the other 15 contestants? Who will come out the winner? Who will join Eric Young as winner of Survivor??

Challenge 1: 18 Doors:

In this challenge, various pairs of random objects are placed behind doors. Individually a contestant will open 2 doors, if their items match, they win the prize AND score 1 point for their team. The first team to get 3 points will win immunity and be safe from tribal council, where the loosing team will vote out 1 teammate. Each team will be able to take their winning items back to camp.

Tazyeko from Rhyvella goes first to find a
lamp and a fidge!

Izzy goes to find a lamp... does she remeber where the other lamp is?

Yes! Izzy scores 1 point for Iossisbi!

Kaplan goes for Rhyvella to find a toilet and a sink.

Megan from Iossisibi finds a shower and a flamingo.

Malik goes for Rhyvella to find both toilets. The score is now 1/1

Tim Bayne finds both showers! Iossisbi now has 2 points, 1 more to win.

Alex finds a plant and a fire hydrent.

Katie Hart finds 1 plant... AND THE OTHER!

She scores the final points for Iossisbi who wins!

Tim: "Hooray!!" We won, in yoa Face!!"

Iossisbi camp:

Katie: "yea, we won, well i won for them by finding the plant. So for the time being, im safe. O And i will win this game, no matter how i play, i will win!"

Izzy: " So glad we won a SHOWER! CAn you imagine living here for 30 some days without it, we'd be so grimy!"

Megan: " But wasnt that the point of the show? To show how easy regular life is and how to live for 30 days without regular furniture?"
Izzy: "Who knows, i just feel bad for the other team"

Katie: "i decided to check out the cool looking plant i won. Upon examining it, i found a rolled up piece of paper. I pulled it out and read it, it was a clue to a hidden immuntity idol. I was so excited, as soon as i get the chance, i plan to go look for it, and tell no one!"

Rhyvella camp:

Malik: " well my tribe lost. Im so let down, i feel as if im on the sucky team. I was the only one to find a match, but then again that challenge was really all luck..... i guess were ot that lucky..."

Malik: "So who we votin out? I think it should be Cindy, she don seem to have much to offer now does she?"
Tazyeko: "Yes, keep tribe strong, get rid of woman!!"

Mint: "Yeah i agree, she dosnt seem to smart or strong so guys spread the word that Cindy is going home tonight."

So all around the Rhyvella camp, word spreads that

Cindy is being voted out.

and Rhyvella goes ot thier first tribal council.

Malik (not shown), Neona, Jack, Mint, and Tazyeko all vote for Cindy.

an in spite of the rest, Kaplan leads Alex, Cindy and himself to vote for Tazyeko, considering him the weakest.

and with the votes 3 Tazyeko/ 5 Cindy, Cindy is the first to leave the game.

Cindy: "....."

What will happen next time on Sim Survivor 2: Black Island

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